Free Online Websites of Programming Languages to Learn 2021-22

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Nowadays, many students are getting attracted to computer programming that’s why the programming language is becoming very popular. Kids learn to learn the programming language used to have tutored and joined the Programing institution where they can learn the technique of programming how to run any program which is an advantage for ahead in their career if they wanted to be Computer programming.

Programming is very good for children because of this language to make your mind creative and sharp. Let’s me give you some example of the programmers who made their career in programming and crate the history in their field where reach is not possible for everyone. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg everyone knows about them they are very successful entrepreneurs in the technology world. Both had a very strong background in Programming Languages since their young age. Even you don’t believe Mark Zuckerberg since age 12 created a messenger, which he called “ZuckNet.” And the hand Bill gates was creating games at an age when kids bought toys to play in the ground.

So, what is Programming Language? If we talk in Simple language it’s just a set of commands or instructions to create a software program thought the toolkit.

If you are a computer geek and like technical parts like website development and want to learn programming but just because of the high cost of Programming classes? You are not able to complete your Programming language. So don’t about that because here I’m gonna shared with you some free programming websites where you can learn programming how to code without spending your single penny.

Yep! Learn Free Programming Languages through the website you can learn as well as do practically.

Why Should You Learn Programming Languages?

Before I said that Programming Languages are enhancing your thinking and creativity. But if we talk about another hand so its good opportunity in your career because there are lots of job available related to the Programming many IT Companies needs a Perfect Programmer who can help them to complete their projects and in return, they give you a good salary and other facilities. If you’re new in the programming and coding world and don’t have a way how to learn to program and teach yourself how to code so you could join a perfect programming institution where you learn more things related to programming like tips, teach and techniques, etc. Or if your financial investment is low then doesn’t worry there have another way to learn about Programming Language without a waste of money we shared here some free Programming Language Sites for You. You just don’t give up on getting your dreams.

Where Can You Learn Programming Language Online?

All you find in this world is just what you need to find. Yeah, You Heard Right! There are many resources and individual courses are available to learn how could we programming language. And Here we shared some free website to learn how to code.

Below we shared the best free online programming websites to learn for a student or an expert who wants to learn more about Programming in advance level.

So Let’s Get Started!

Free Online Sites List of 2021-22 to Learn Programming Languages

  1. GitHub
  2. Treehouse
  3. Codecademy
  4. Khan Academy
  5. Udemy
  6. W3Schools
  7. FreeCodeCamp
  8. EdX
  9. Coursera
  10. Evanto tuts +

1. GitHub


GitHub is the world’s leading software development platform where they offer the largest version control and SMS (Source code Management) and adding its own features. We can say that it’s the best tool for developers who related to the Programing World. Can you believe? It there are over 500 free programming books and all these books cover many programming languages on the git hosting service. They always updated there work frequently and accurately. So that you always updated here what’s new come in the programming languages. As well as Best Platform for Programmers.

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2. Treehouse

tree house

Teamtreehouse is another Free Programming website and best resource for students to learn the programming languages in Videos.

Surprised? You heard right. On this website over 1,000 high-quality videos have been created by experts on particular topics like website design, development, etc.  And the best thing is they also include much understanding fundamentals concepts through tutorials such as code challenges, quizzes to make interesting so that users understand easily though these and also build a portfolio for your job to show your skills and techniques.

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3. Codecademy


Codecademy is giving the best learning resource of programming languages to the learner and the most popular free website. On this site, you get to learn how to code. There are millions of users come on this website to learn how to code with excellent tips and you can say that this is the best platform to learn about code. They offer courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, Ruby and More. At Codecademy they provide an education which a company is looking for, not like public school education teach the student they only completed the education of a student. But what about their skills and technique which most important role play in Programming Languages and in that situation this website helps the learner and that’s why millions of users are interested to learn how to code on this website.

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4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an educational resource where a learner can learn how to code. This website is founded by Salman Khan through this website he helps them how to want to learn the programming language. So its best practice exercise platform and best learning dashboard where get best instructional videos related to programming that’s why there come millions learn to learn over the globe and here they got what they wanted the best programming resource in their own languages because they install over 36 languages in their website. This website shared resources like articles, videos, exercise and programs and these resources offered by Experts from beginner to advance. Students and learners expand their knowledge and skill over here about the programming languages.

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5. Udemy


Udemy is the best online platform to learn to code and was founded in 2009 for an individual’s learner or student who wants to be a programmer with the best skills. This website offers 80,000 online coding courses for learner and this courser is UX design, website design & development, IOS Development, and UI Development, etc. and here a learner can expand their own skills because all these course shared by well experienced and professional experts in their field so you can find the best instructor to learn code and you also find course as per your interest because here Some of the courses are free, and others charge a fee and all these courses related to the improving the skills for Jobs so here you could learn more and more and get the best skills as well.

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6. W3Schools


W3Schools is World’s Largest Web Developer Site and most popular optimized free programming website for learning, training, and testing for learning for a learner and student. The best thing is there all programming languages are free for the learner. This website offer beginner and advanced HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, XML, Asp, JSP, C++, JAVA, C# and SQL courses. There are millions of users come here to learn how to code at an advanced level and get W3Schools’ Online Certification. They also created w3schools Forums for discussion about issues that learners are facing.

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7. FreeCodeCamp


Free Code Camp teaches about the code here you not only studying about programming while you practice on exercises which made for check your level as well as a practical challenge also that why this organization has solved many coding challenges and also helps in development work by donation. Many Developers are grateful for their free course. There are many courses are available including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL and much more. Learners also get here discussion forum where you can share your problem and online professional; experts are providing you the solutions. You also have a great chance to grab more experienced developers.  Wow!

And the learner will assemble and build their own portfolio or app which will help you to grab the best opportunity.

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8. EdX


EdX is one of the leading online learning platforms today. Created jointly by MIT and Harvard University in April 2012, its mission is to provide quality education to everyone around the world. It gives learners access to hundreds of free High-quality coding courses from real universities and taught by real professors who use the best tools, and technique for learning and that will benefit newcomers and learners who access this website across the globe.

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9. Coursera


Coursera is the best large profit educational and technological online learning website for learners and students. This website is founded by two standard Professor Ng and Daphne Koller and you know what this website works with the top universities and best educational institutions so that means so here the learner has a chance to enhance your skills with tops specialist and experts who complete courses certificate. Here learners learn Python, Java, HTML, and CSS, C programming language, etc. The cost on a subscription is for learner basis between US$39-79 approx. per month and you will be billed after a 7-day free trial in a week you can judge that this website is best for you or not. All these courses are available on English, French, and Spanish and also add subtitles all of the video lectures and you also join the community discussion forums to discuss your problem with them who already received an electronic course certificate on this website.

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10. Evanto tuts +

Evanto Tuts +

Evanto Tuts + most popular website across the globe here you get not only free and paid options as well this is a very useful website for code learning for beginners who have a deep desire for learning to code is you are one of them so that will for you the best options. Here you get the huge amount of free videos of the tutorial as well as EBooks on Particular Topics which a learner is looking for all these stuff shared by professional instructors. Learn can use this website on mobile and laptops both sides with their own space. All these tutorials will teach the learners that how they can develop the software, application for all platforms like Android and iOS and websites like word press theme development and the plugin which are best for their careers.

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More Stuff best Free website to practice programming

11. Sololearn

12. Simpliv

13. Learnenough


15. Hackerrank

16. GA Dash

17. CodinGame

18. Codewars

19. Coderbyte

20. Codeconquest

21. Codechef

22. Codechef

23. Code School

24. Code Avengers

25. Code

I hope you guys the above 25 best free websites for programming will help you to learn how to code.

Share with me on which free website of programming will help you and you started your coding journey on in the comments section?

Do not hesitate to share it with me!

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