Top 20 Best Dating Apps & Sites in India of 2020 Compatible to Android & IOS for Users

There is a lot of craze for online dating abroad but nowadays it is trending a lot in India too. And that’s why a lot of dating apps and sites were created for the users so that the users can easily search and attached to their true love and friends.

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For a long time, Casually dating has been practiced by Indians, Yeah You Heard Right? But in Indian culture, it is also considered a little wrong, but even today there has been a lot of change and nowadays dating has become common for everyone. However, the youngsters are now ready to break through these shacks and explore a new world of better, faster possibilities.

And because of this, many dating sites and apps were launched where people find their lover as per their requirements rather than just a casual date which is also called a relationship app in common language.

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And you will be happy to know that all these dating apps and sites are popular in India user’s ratings, reviews, and pieces of information about the apps or website through multiple data provided by the other users or resources.

So, Here’s the list of 25 dating apps and sites in India that are running in India Free or Premium as well because free is limited but if you want to more features of particular so you have to buy premium otherwise free is also good for use.

20 Best Dating Apps and Sites in India List below

  1. Tinder
  2. Happn
  3. Badoo
  4. Woo
  5. Aisle
  6. TrulyMadly
  7. OkCupid
  8. Azar
  9. Bumble
  10. Match
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Tinder_logoIf you are familiar with dating app then you will be well aware of the most popular dating app Tinder. It very trending location-based dating app in India which is rapidly growing in India and users can easily access this Tinder app and running on both platform android and IOS so that users use this dating app on their phone. This dating goes on both free and paid options available in some languages like English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Italian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Portuguese and Spanish.

If you are using this dating app the first time, then you do not need to panic how to use this app You can log in through your personal account and app easily fetches your data like basics information along with your interest on your Facebook account. Then you easily use this dating app and show to your profile with your similarity interest and other option to Sign up you can use your personal phone number and create an account as well.

When you ready to use this app you have the option if you’ve seen a profile and don’t like it, swipe to the left but if you like, you swipe to the right. You know that this swipe option is a very good feature and the user likes it very much. So now we talk further if two users like each other on the Tinder App and they become a match then so get an option to chit chat in person. Isn’t it great?

With the free account, it’s very limited to swipe the profile in a day other hands if you are able to pay on this dating app for premium packages you can do and then you can swipes unlimited, change your location and also see that who see and like your profile as well. Just in case you’d want to, And You know what this Tinder app has also included some more interesting features for To make this platform better for users and users can spend more time on it in their free time.

And in the last one will say that Tinder is the best dating app in India and also help to find out the hookup partner if you are looking for the best hooking app in India Download now app to check I have shared the dating app link below.

Download Tinder App on:

Android | IOS

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2. Happn

happn_logoIf you are single and ready for mingle then here I have shared a location-based dating app name is Happn, and Didier Rappaport is the founder & CEO. It’s a very trending and popular dating app in India and allows the users to like or dislike other users if both like each other then it allows to chit chat also.

The dating app came up with a unique concept of matching in India which people liked a lot. What? Assume that if you are going somewhere, and you are using this app so it will show the profile of those who crossed that route at that time. And if you find someone special and attractive, while using this dating app so you can send the like and if that person interested like you are or matched to talk then both of them carry it forward till they meet and talk etc It all depends on them.

So, if you want to do this yourself, then you can download the dating app in India by going to the download link below.

Download Happn App on:

Android | IOS

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3. Badoo

BadooBadoo is the best dating app in India If you have ever agreed to use online best dating apps and dating sites, then you will know about Badoo dating app and currently the users of this dating more than 400 million users approx. in globally. The Badoo dating app operation in over 190 countries with 47 different languages.  How nice is it?  It’s launched by a Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev in 2006 and most downloaded and visiting dating app, site amongst users over in 21 countries.

The dating app as like Tinder but it provides a more detailed option feature or interest if we compare with Tinder But one thing we should not forget is that both perform well on their platform and in the hearts of the users; both have made a different place.

Badoo app finds the best match for users but it depends on the users who they like.  How to use this Badoo dating app? So, it’s very simple to use this dating app you can use your personal email address or connect your personal social media account as well as on this app they verified your account with your phone number verification. Don’t panic there is nothing to fear it’s just a simple process. When you have completed your account process now you can fill the information or main work Upload your Profile Pic and further, use this dating app as per your comfort use the option of “near me” through this option you can see the whom close to your location if they use this dating app along with the dating app you can send virtual gifts to other users who interested.

So, finally, if you are searching for the best dating app in India, give Badoo a chance for search best person for you download the app on your phone through below link

Download Badoo App on:

Android | IOS

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4. Woo

Woo Dating App is trying to changing the game of dating in India because this dating app specially made for Women. Because they believe gut-instinct plays a big role play if you like someone who unknown for her/him so, they have built this dating app from that place of sensitivity for users this app was founded by Sumesh Menon (CEO) and Ankit Nautiyal (CTO) in the December 2014 year.

Through the woo dating app, users can make new friends and do the call with their friends or lover. If you still have some questions about this dating app about security, then before that let us tell you this app mainly focuses on well-educated and good in personality persons so user can easily choose the best person because each and every person need the best as a life partner so that’s why this app focuses on that and with the help of this dating app girls can place a voice call option of woo on phone with revealing their numbers and this feature puts it in the best category of best dating app in India. Because it’s a fully secure dating app with a bunch of really cool features for users.

Woo dating app has a bunch of really cool features that make Woo app different and secure from other dating apps. So if you also want to enjoy this secure dating app, download it from the link given below.

Download Woo App on:

Android | IOS

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5. Aisle

AisleAisle dating app the best community of Indians from around the globe to connecting online with each other. It’s a very amazing best dating app in India and completely stands out of the crowd. How I can log in Aisle dating app in India? To log on to the app you need a Facebook or LinkedIn account if you have so that you can easily log into the app enjoy this dating app with its features.

Let me tell you one thing before you use the dating app in login process it asks lots of question so don’t panic it’ just a questionnaire verification process you just give the answer the all question correctly once you competed for the process that means you’re in and approved your profile to use this dating app. There is only one motive behind all these processes this Aisle dating app provides the valuable and meaningfully dates Not just for fun or just to know etc.

And users can use this dating app on both options free and premium for VIP membership if you want to use this best dating app in India then you can download the Aisle dating app download it from the link given below.

Download Aisle App on:

Android | IOS

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6. TrulyMadly

TrulyMadlyTrulyMadly is an outstanding leading dating app in India and this dating app run only in India country and their more than 250 million users are active on this dating app it can give an idea of its popularity, how safe is it for dating it’s almost like the tinder dating app but only like other entire interface or feature are different and unique for users that’s why users like it and it help them to find matches on their basic interest and other likings, etc.

How to login in truly madly? It’s very simple to use this dating app you can use your phone number or your personal Facebook account. When you live on TrulyMadly this app starts showing your matching profiles according to your preferences. You can ask your friends to support you for a better trust score, which will eventually lead to a greater number of interactions with your matches. If you’re excited to use this dating app then you can download through the link given below.

Download TrulyMadly App on:

Android | IOS

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7. OkCupid

OkCupidOkCupid is an international dating app and site is serve their dating service in 113 countries including India and it was launched on 9 Jan 2004 the oldest dating app but how to surprise this dating app still offer the best service to users which shows how secure and trustful dating app is. This allows you to find your potential matches based on your preferences of sexual orientation and this algorithm used by the application is essentially based on the distance between both users.

The dating app asks you so many questions between relevant matches so don’t be ignored because this feature if specially for you so the OkCupid best dating app shows the best match as per your interest and preference also use the app filter option for search someone. Isn’t it a good option?

As well as this dating app secures your profile data or your privacy section. So that if you don’t like someone can block or hide your profile as well. To give users a good platform for their safety hired robust moderation team who take a look at the flags users and To keep an eye on them that they are not bothering anyone.

To use this OkCupid Dating app in India click on the download link and download the app I shared below for users

Download OkCupid App on:


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8. Azar

AzarAzar app is the best dating app in India with the best concept on this app user can face to face chat it’s kind of videos dating app where users can chat with their matches through video chatting the Azar app made more than 73 billion of matches and still are growing, Can’t believe? But it has happened.

It’s a free dating app in India and through this app; users can talk to people over 190 countries. So if you want that your match lives another country so Azar helps you to connect with your match or you can meet new people on video chat and can find people for the date as well.

So, if you want to use this Azar App then you can download this app on the store I share the download link below.

Download Azar App on:


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9. Bumble

BumbleBumble is another best dating in India that helps users find out the best matches because that’s a location-based dating app and facilitates communication between interested users it works something like the Tider Dating App for How? For an example of two-match connected to each other so the user swipes the right side for further steps Now understand how Tinder is like.

Once you matched with someone required to start the conversation with 24 hours, otherwise the match will Otherwise they will disappear forever. Don’t panic on that this dating app also allows users to extend the time for another 24 hours, so don’t worry about that.

If You want this dating app for use in your phone so you can download it the below link Whether your phone is ISO or Android share both OS for users as per your comfort.

Download Bumble App on:


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10. Match

matchThe match dating app is an amazing online dating destination for users Because the name of this app suits their work Match help to uses finds out the best match you know the app as old as time itself and still running for users that shows how much users love this dating app for own matches. So get the app today on your phone and browse the profiles, upload photos and also can exchange messages anywhere anytime. Through this dating app, users can enjoy more features including exchange messages, see who’s peeked at your profile check out profiles near you and more. That’s why the dating app expended its reach to 25 countries in 8 languages. The biggest hand of the match helped users for millions of dates, relationships, and marriages more than any other dating app. You can download the app through the download link given below.

Download Match App on:

Android IOS

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Dating app in india


Best & Free Dating app 2021-22 for Users

11. Log On Moco+

12. Log On Bloomy

13. Log On Zoosk

14. Log On Coffee Meets Bagel

15 Long On eHarmony

16. Log On Hater

17. Log On Cuddli

18. Log On The League

19. Log On Hudapp

20. Log On Jaumo

21. Log On To POF

I hope you check out the dating app in India list all these apps have millions of users around the country and also running in India with best of customer reviews and comment, download your favorite dating app for choosing the best match for yourself if you’re lucky on the dating app might be you also get the best match similar to your interests. If this happens, please share it with us in the comment box below and which is the dating app.

Thank you!!!

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