Which is the Important Organ in Computer?

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Hello friends, in this article we will talk about the Important Organ of computers. But before that, we have to know what is computer definitions and after that, we will discuss about Which is the Important Organs in Computer.

So let’s get started, 


What is a Computer? 

In Simple Word, Computer is an electronic machine that performs all tasks, processes, calculations, and operations according to certain instructions that are given by a human. And this Computer word is a Latin Word which means calculating.

It has three main functions.

Input Data → Processing → Output Data

What is the computer full form?

Well, Technically there is no complete full form of computer. Yet the computer is an imaginary complete form, given Below

C > Commonly, O > Operated, M > Machine, P > Particularly, U > Used for, T > Technical and E > Educational, R > Research

History of Computer – Generation of Computers










  1. First-Generation Computers: (1940-1956) Vacuum Tubes.
  2. Second-Generation Computers: (1956-1963) Transistors
  3. Third-Generation Computers: (1964-1971) Integrated Circuits
  4. Fourth Generation Computers: (1971- Present) Microprocessors
  5. Fifth-Generation Computers: (Present and Beyond) Artificial Intelligence

I hope you all understand about Computer so, now we will discuss the Which is the Important Organ in Computer?

By the way, the computer has many important parts without which the computer cannot function.

Important Organ in Computer

If you have ever looked inside a computer case, then you must have found that there are many small components inside, they look very complicated, but they are not really that complicated. Now, I will give you some information about these components.








It’s the Main Organ of Computer and also we can say the motherboard is the main circuit board of any computer. It is like a small plate but has plenty of CPU, memory, hard disk, and optical drive connector, to control expansion card video and audio, along with all of the computer Ports connection. When viewed, the motherboard is connected to all computers directly or directly.

CPU / Processor









Do you know what is Central Processing Unit i.e. CPU? It is also called. It is found in the motherboard inside the computer case. It is also recognized as the computer’s brain. It keeps an eye on all the activities that are within a computer. The higher the speed of a processor, the faster it will be able to do the processing.

RAM (Random Access Memory)











We also know RAM as Random Access Memory. This is the short term memory of the system. If the computer performs such calculations stuff, it saves this result temporarily into RAM. If the computer shuts down then this data is also lost. If we are writing a document, then to save it from being destroyed, we should save our data in between. If saved in Data Hard Drive by saving, then it can remain for a long time.

RAM in megabytes (MB) or in gigabytes (GB) is defined. The more RAM there is the better for us.

Hard drive







The hard drive is the software, documents, and other shared folders in the device. In this, the data stays stored for a long time.

Power Supply Unit











The power supply unit’s job is to take power from the main power supply and supply it to other components as per the requirement.

Expansion Card

All computers have Expansion Slots so that we can add an Expansion Card in the future. You are also called PCI cards (Interconnecting Peripheral Components). However, many slots have already been designed on the motherboard.  Some card names that we can use to upgrade old computers below.

  • Video card
  • Sound card
  • Network card
  • Bluetooth Card (Adapter)

I Hope you Guy’s really Enjoy this Article if you have any queries or suggestions do comment below!

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