Indian Court Removes Ban on Most Popular Video App TikTok

TikTok is available again in India Yeah you heard right, On Wednesday an Indian state court remove the ban on most popular video app TikTok and prohibiting to downloads this app on Google play store and app store in the country. Why was this app banned by the Indian court? Because on this app southern state government prohibit downloads, they were said that this app was encouraging the pornography, spread of explicit content and exploiting kids.


But if you love this TikTok App you can download once again on Google play store or App store because hearing a plea from TikTok developers Bytedance the ban was reversed by the state court.

The TikTok is happy and welcomed the decision of the court and grateful to continue to serve their service to the users in a better way without any problem they said. And their technical platform always available for the Indian users.

This app allows to users to create short videos and share it with some special effects and it has also included its name in the list of Popular Apps  As well as the app has been downloaded nearly 300 million times in India and out of more than 1 billion downloads across the globe.

But the company also said that in India’s Supreme Court remove the ban, but again this TikTok case was presented back to the state court but the result of all these was that the company “financial losses” was up to $500,000 a day as well as more than 250 jobs at risk.

However, one of the major problems is that apparently any social media can be banned, which can make people’s freedom even worse, which is the world’s largest democracy.

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