Interactive poll Quiz sticker in Instagram Stories

World’s largest photo sharing social website Instagram in October 2017 Instagram introduced a nice feature whose name is Poll Sticker Its specialty was that you can ask the question to your friends and followers. But you know what this social app has introduced a new sticker for Instagram users where users can play any kind of quiz with own followers and friends.

Its specialty is with this quiz sticker users can ask different types of interesting questions through the Stories, and unlike Polls on the Instagram in our point of view its very interesting feature where users will be very Fun with followers and friends.

So guys what you waiting for through this feature you have created Story and enjoy with your friends like you ask interesting multiple questions with multiple answers and see how many your follower select right or wrong answer.

And one thing is through this feature couples or friends can know each other likes and dislikes. This quiz sticker is available for both the user’s Android and iPhone.

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Gurjender Singh

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