Here's what we can see to drink water at the Adams NYCHA complex and show it's 'safe'

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On Saturday, Mayor Eric Adams drank a glass of drinking water inside the East Village public housing complex to allay fears that it was contaminated with arsenic.

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In a unit at the Jacob Rees House, Ashwin Vasan, the city's health commissioner, and Adams sipped water while saying, "We're just here to make sure people know I'm drinking this."

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He declared, "People can drink the water."

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Initial reports from an Illinois-based laboratory called Environment Monitoring and Research that it had found the harmful heavy metal in the complex's drinking water caused concern for more than a week.

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However, the lab retracted its test results and acknowledged that the samples might have contained the hazardous substance, according to officials.

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Later, in a statement, Adams claimed that the city thought separate testing of the complex's water that revealed the presence of the bacterium that causes Legionnaires Disease were similarly "inaccurate."

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Additionally, he stated that the city is willing to sue the lab.

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He added, "The city plans to pursue all possible legal options on behalf of the residents of Riis Houses and will explore for ways to reimburse residents for costs paid over the last week.

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