On National Police Woman Day, show appreciation and respect to the women who decide to protect and serve their communities.

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National Police Woman Day

Police matrons were employed by the city of New York in the 1850s to watch over and search female convicts, but this was the end of their responsibilities and they had no legal standing.

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National Police Woman Day's history

According to popular belief, Marie Owens was the country's first female police officer. Nearly 30 years before American women were even granted the right to vote, Owens joined the Chicago, Illinois, police force in 1891.

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She was a Sergeant and an expert in upholding welfare and child labour regulations. In Los Angeles, Alice Wells was appointed as a police officer in 1910.

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Though the proportion of women in the US police has increased from 3% in the 1970s to at least 13% recently, gender equality still has a long way to go.

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Remembering National Police Woman Day: Ways Take advantage of National Police Woman Day and commemorate it in a number of ways that recognise and respect the women who serve and protect.

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People who are fortunate enough to know a female police officer should begin by expressing their gratitude.

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Spend some time letting them know that you value what they do for the community and that you are aware of their efforts.

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On National Police Woman Day, it's a terrific idea to spread awareness about the advantages of having women in law enforcement, take part in fundraisers and community activities, and learn more about these issues.

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To show the women in law enforcement how much you appreciate them, take part in an event, organise one, or make a donation.

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