Taylor Swift cleverly addresses the secret behind the red scarf in All Too Well.

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The cats are out of the drawer. Taylor Swift made a stunning entrance at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday night.

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She was there to support the 10-minute music video for her song All Too Well.


The crimson scarf in the movie All Too Well has already sparked fan speculation that it may be a hint at the actress's real-life romance with actor Jake Gyllenhaal.


"Basically, the scarf is a metaphor," Taylor said of the motif during the event. "We coloured it red because red is a really important colour in this record, which is called Red."

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Swift was hesitant to go into detail about the scarf's significance or even its history, although she did say that it was a metaphor.

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However, the 32-year-old singer restrained herself from disclosing too much personal information about the individual who served as the scarf's real-life inspiration.

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"And, I guess when I say it's a metaphor... I'm just going to stop," aylor continued, according to ET.

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When Swift's short film, which she wrote and directed, was released, the hype surrounding it wasn't just because the famous pop diva was making her directorial debut; 

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Fans also continued coming up with hypotheses about the film's significance and its blatant allusions to Swift's real life.

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The short film acquired popularity for pairing Dylan O'Brien from Teen Wolf with Sadie Sink from Stranger Things.