Backwards 3: Ɛ How to Type ε, ε>, <3, ღ Backwards 3 Heart Mean Ɛ ?

In This Blog Post, we will share about Backwards 3, aka “Ɛ”. Now You must be thinking about what’s “Ɛ”. So, Generally, it’s reverse 3, and it’s the most popular Love symbol of Messages Because users use this symbol to express Love with Partners like this Ɛ>.

Earlier Emojis were not available on Simple mobile phones, so people used to make symbols such as Ɛ> along with the best part is this Backwards 3 Symbol “Ɛ” Save Your Time on Message as well to Express your Love to Create Heart Symbol Ɛ> Message.

If You’re using Social Media Websites, Including Facebook or Twitter, you must have seen the Comment Section where users share their opinion or Feeling and More.

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Backwards 3 Ɛ How to Type Backwards 3 Heart Mean Ɛ

How to Type Backwards 3 Copy Paste Symbol – “Ɛ”?

To Type Backward 3, You Just Copy and Paste Only Time-Saving Symbols to Express Your Love in Text.

What is the use of this Backwards 3 in Messages?

As we mentioned above, section this Reverse 3 “Ɛ” Symbol is used to express the love line in messages; in earlier times, when there were no smartphones and emojis, People used the Symbol to create messages. Like for Heart Ɛ>

How to Type Backwards 3 and “Ɛ” on Microsoft Word or Google Docs?

To Type the Backwards 3 or “Ɛ” on Ms-Office Word or Google Docs it’s Very Easy because here you don’t have to type anything. Then How Could We Type Backwards 3 and “Ɛ”? Just Follow The Steps Given Below.

Backwards 3 on Ms Office Word

Open Ms Office Word, Put your Mouse cursor above the “Insert” Tab, then Click Right Hand Side Symbol, where you will get more Symbols and character lists. Now you can choose the correct Symbol on your Ms-Office Word.

Backwards 3 on Google Doc

It’s also the Same as Ms – Office Word. Open Google Docs on your Browser, then Move your Mouse Cursor Above the “Insert ” Tab, Click, and Select Special Character, where You see More Special Characters, Emoji and More. Select which you Want on Your Google Doc.

Backwards 3 or “Ɛ” Pro and Cons

Grab Low Space in Msg Box
Looks Nice
Beginners will understand less

Backwards 3: FAQ

How do you type an inverted 3?

To type an inverted 3, often known as the “epsilon” symbol (Ɛ), follow these steps:

1.) Check that your Num Lock is turned on.
2.) On your keyboard, hold down the Alt key.
3.) While holding down the Alt key, enter the code 0190 into the numeric keypad (not the number keys above the letters).
4.) Let go of the Alt key. The inverted 3 () symbol should now be displayed.

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